the team


It all started when…

Jill and Geoffrey Davis - born and raised behind the Pine Curtain.

Stacey and David Splawn - ETX transplants who love the pine forests, beautiful lakes and East Texas history. 

We became friends instantly over cappuccinos almost a year ago. We sat around the coffee table talking about our shared vision and dream to plant deep roots in Marshall, raise our families here, and have a positive impact on our community. Woven into the excitement was the lament that Marshall needed a great space for people to gather over great coffee. 

The Splawns are experts in this, having owned and operated a successful specialty coffee shop in West Texas. Jill and Geoffrey became another kind of expert while living four blocks from a specialty coffee shop in South Dakota, and sharing thousands of cups of coffee over the past five years. 

When Geoffrey and Jill moved to Marshall last summer, Jill began to dream of bringing this unique coffee experience to our new city and incorporating her skills as a graphic designer into a new business. At the same time, Stacey and David were dreaming about opening their second shop -- a coffee shop that cares deeply about its guests, the quality of the coffee, and even the farmers and roasters responsible for producing the best coffee.

It was clear this was the next step for our families and for Marshall. Besides loving coffee, David and Stacey bring a wealth of knowledge about running a coffee shop, Jill has a love for all things hospitality and design and Geoffrey is passionate about people. It's the Dream Team!